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Singing Teacher 

Mark has a diploma in teaching contemporary singing from Voice College. At the end of the course Mark was nominated for the 'PJ Proby Student of the Year Award' This award is for outstanding achievement during the year. Mark completed the course with upper merit meaning that he was able to use the college's official seal of approval. Mark's preferred teaching is in musical theatre as this is where most of his stage experience lies however he does also teach all other styles of contemporary vocal work too.


Mark is a keen practitioner of healthy singing techniques and avoiding strain and tension to the voice to reduce the risk of injury. He has a wide range of singing exercises and is well experienced in finding and getting to the root of vocal issues. 



Mark uses a process that he calls the A B C's of singing to ensure that the student is not only aware of what they are doing but also why. The A B C's are the three areas of the voice that you need to centre on to have an effect and safe voice, A - Posture B - Breath - Noise (Singing) By using this process Mark is able to help even those that feel they have no hope to singing effectively. `~Based on the principle of children learning to read (No child can start with Harry Potter but instead they start learning ABC and the Cat, Dog, Kite as so on) the ABC's of singing has been a great foundation for all of Mark's students.



"Your voice is like a fat man on a sofa that wants to beat Mo Farrah in a race. There is no way that you are just going to get up off the sofa and beat him straight away. What needs to happen is that you need to first get up and start walking. Then you start to jog, you eat right and then increase the training. Now you may never get to the heights of Mo, however, if you will get a lot further from the other fat man on the sofa that never tried!" Mark James


Mark teaches privately from #ManInTheHat Vocal Studios Frome, Somerset, also running group workshops at different theatres in the area. As well as this Mark  runs ROK!T, and adult based choir that promotes singing for all



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