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#ManInTheHat's ABC's Of Singing
Mark James

#ManInTheHat's ABC's Of Singing

Following on from his one to one teaching Mark also runs groups and workshops. Taking a fun and practical perspective to his teaching style, Mark brings his ABC's of singing to larger groups for day and weekend sessions. 


The aim of these workshops are to give basic singing technique to those people that may not be able to afford or commit to regular lessons. It challenges some of the wider misconceptions on how to sing on stage, as well as exposing lies that have been past down for years. For example, "Sing or Push from the diaphragm".... the real truth, you can't! In fact most people can not tell you where the diaphragm is.

Mark can run sessions for both adults and children from 11years plus covering not only vocals but also basic stage craft too. 

If you have a theatre group, choir or any other type of ensemble that would like Mark to come and hold a workshop, please click here to contact us and find out about prices and availability.

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