Mark James


Mark started singing at an early age in church choirs, singing as a top soprano at the time, however Mark did not sing in public until 2005 when he was asked to play a part in a local pantomime. Following this performance Mark was offered more and more roles in the local area from various other theatres and groups.

In 2011 he was asked to take on the role of Ed in Robert Windsor's Off Her Facebook, a touring Theatre in Education play about addiction. In this role he played the part of an alcoholic father dealing with a daughter that was following the same demons. The play was produced at various schools and theatres and even the famous 'Cloud House' rehabilitation centre. 

Also in 2011, wrote a one act play called Dear Mother. It is the story of how a young boy experienced the Great War. It highlighted the innocents of youth and the harsh realities of war, all through letters home to his mother. The play was produced and Directed by Mark and was nominated for 16 awards winning 8, including best actor for Mark himself who play the role of Senior Thomas. Dear Mother has since been published by Magic Oxygen Publishing and has been licence to be performed all over the world. 


As time went on Mark was being asked to perform as a guest soloist at many events and also performed roles such as The King of Siam in the King and I and also  Judd Fry in Oklahoma. During one of his solo spots he was introduced to his first singing teacher who was amazed that Mark was able to singing like he did with no training.

In 2013 Mark passed his Musical Theatre Diploma through the London College of Music. It was at this time that Mark teacher advised that he should become a vocal teacher too.


In 2013 Mark started teaching singing from his home in a little village of Tisbury, Wiltshire. He soon had amounted a good following of students with little advertising and mostly from recommendation. After 2 years of teaching Mark outgrew the base of his home and made the step to open JNX Productions Music School, also in Tisbury. The aim of the school was to provide music lessons, provisions, support and opportunities to people in rural areas. The Motto of the school is 'Music For Everyone' and runs in line with Mark's philosophy that music should not be enjoyed by only those that can play professional, but should be a release for everyone no matter their ability. 

"What right have we got to tell someone that they should not play a instrument or sing a song if it brings them joy?

If someone comes to my school and it takes them 6 month to learn three chords one a guitar or a year to be able to sing a full scale, if that is the highlight of their week and it is what they love doing, NO ONE has the right to tell them to give up. Music isn't about getting it right every time, it is about having fun and enjoying what you do. That applies for EVERYONE!" Mark James


 Mark has aways had a philosophy that as a teacher he should always continue to train himself to ensure that he gives the best possible lessons to his students and also keeps up to date with the latest techniques and practises. Since passing his Musical Theatre Diploma Mark has also undergone training and workshops with Simon McEnry (English and Welsh National Opera), Fra Fee (Les Miserable film and stage) and Andy Riess (Director Les Miserable National Tour and creator of Beyond the Barricade). In 2017 Mark also gained a Diploma in teaching contemporary singing from the Voice College, gaining distinctions for all his teaching practises and an upper merit over all. Mark is continuing his training in 2018 with Dr Voice, one of the industries top vocal coaches specialising in healthy singing techniques. 

In January 2018 Mark made his TV debut on BBC One's 'All Together Now.' Hosted by comedian Rob Beckett and along side Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) as part of the notorious 100. During the filming Mark became an audience favourite and as people tried to find him on social media soon developed the name and hash tag #TheManInTheHat. This has also inspired his own branded clothing line which is being launched in 2018.

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